A Brief Open Letter To The Love Of My Life

Love Of My Life Plus Bacon

Hey you.

I know you’re out there somewhere.

Hell, we could’ve crossed paths already and I just don’t know you’re the love of my life yet – which is pretty cool too.

I’d like to get some things out in the open while we’re both waiting for the stars to align for us.

Some of it may come across bitchy, but hey, if you’re the love of my life you’ll love all of me including my sometimes bitchy parts.

You see, I’ve come to realize I’m kind of addicted to getting into relationships with emotionally unavailable men and it sucks donkey balls.

Big ones.

Big sweaty, smelly ones.

I’m worth more than a half-assed kind of love. You and I both know that.

So guess what? I’m putting my foot down and not doing that shit anymore.

That’s right. No more 5%, 10% or 15% love for me. Ya know what, I’m not even settling for 50%.

From now on I am holding myself to a higher standard of only entering into relationships with people who are able to go all in with their emotions like I am.

The question is, are you willing to go love-balls to the wall, face your fears, and open yourself up to me completely yet?

No worries if you’re not sure. I know that’s some scary shit.

When you’re ready, I’ll still be here with an open heart & mind -┬áliving my amazing life, chasing my dreams, and being my sometimes bitchy yet awesome self.


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  1. Tania says:

    Don’t settle for less than what you deserve. That special someone is still out there somewhere. At least I still have some hope…for you and me both. I too am done wasting my time (well ill try)

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