And Then I Didn’t Want To Bitch Slap The Other Woman Anymore


I had a milestone single mom moment yesterday when I unexpectedly found myself face to face with the other woman.

It was approximately 11am when I answered my front door to find her dropping our son off instead of my ex. And for the very first time I found myself smiling a genuine smile at her instead of wanting to bitch slap her.

Apparently I’m finally over IT- it being the fact that she took part in the demise of my former life.

Sweet Baby Jesus, it feels good to be free of those final bits of resentment I still harbored towards her.

I’ve been around the other woman countless times over the past year, and while each time got slightly easier to deal with I always found these bitter feelings boil up when I watched her with my ex.

It definitely wasn’t that I was jealous of her being with my him, because good riddance to that asshole, but I was jealous of them being a couple and the bond that they were forming with my son as a family.

Each time I saw them together, it reminded me of what I’d once had and lost. I hated them both for taking away my ability to trust because of the deceitful & hurtful things they’d done.

I wanted to open myself up to love again more than anything, but because I continuously found it difficult to take down my walls most men I went on dates with over the last few years didn’t stand a chance.

Of course, then along came Ben – whose slow and steady tactic to relationships opened me up in a way none of the others could. His persistence and communication have built both a trust and connection that I’ve never experienced with any other man.

Somewhere over the last few weeks all the hurts have come undone and I’ve learned to let it all go.

As I smiled at my ex’s girlfriend this week, I realized my past is just a memory.

And that’s when I didn’t want to bitch slap the other woman anymore.


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  1. Olivia says:

    Oh, how i so get this post! I am so glad you found peace, I pray to one day find peace as well!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  2. Jane says:

    I always wonder how secure ‘the other woman’ can be – after all, the man she is with screwed around on the woman he was with, with her! Are these women all so vain to think they will be ‘the one’ to keep an unfaithful man faithful? Or are they just plain stupid? Ah well, good for you for getting where you are in this. I for one, never wanted to bitch slap my ex’s girlfriend, I usually just wanted to laugh at her for taking up with such a jackass. Karma exists though, and she actually apologized to me about a year ago, for not listening to me or believing me – while we waited in court for the hearing on a final protective order she had on him. It was hard not to smile through that. :-)

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