Guest Post: Becoming A Single Mom Saved Me

I rarely do guest posts, but when fellow single mom Kelly from Naked Girl In A Dress approached me last month to share a part of myself and my story with her readers something made me say yes.

So here it is; my story of how becoming a single mom saved me…


For many years I believed that to be female and unattached was to be faulty. It is one of the reasons I often threw myself into relationships with men who didn’t deserve me. I figured better to be with ANYONE than NO ONE.

Whenever I found myself single I’d hastily seek out a man to cling to. In all honesty, being alone terrified me because I’d never learned how to be.

Read the full story — Becoming A Single Mom Saved Me


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  1. Charlotte says:

    SOOOO very much LOVED this post :)

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