Holy BlogHer12, Batman!

Each year I attend the BlogHer Conference I go with full intentions of networking and learning. And then I get there and reunite with friends like Leila from Don’t Speak Whinese that I only get to see once a year and my good intentions are traded for drunk ones.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I was on pretty good behavior during BlogHer12 because I was hosting work related events, but once they were over and the sun went down so did the Bacardi & Figenza into my belly… which makes for a highly intoxicated Mely.

Let me give you a visual of what my days and nights were like during BlogHer12…


That’s Justin, my boss’ 7-month old son, who was my honorary boyfriend by day. Leila was my honorary boyfriend by night, minus the boy part.

Wednesday night we had our second annual Wingbitch Date, which was much more low-key than our first date last year but fabulous just the same.

It began with street meat and ended with us contemplating actually choking a bitch.

Thursday was full of preparations for California Dreams, a private party that Sherri Langburt, me and the rest of the Single Edition Media team had been pulling together for months.

Sponsored by Foot Petals, it was a magically classy night where more than 125 bloggers gathered on the rooftop of The Terrace Club for networking and pampering.

There was cotton candy…

There were cocktails and an incredible view…

And there were goodies from Foot Petals…

You can view all of our California Dreams event photos here

One of the personal highlights of my evening was finally meeting fellow bacon molester StevieNYC in person.

LOVE LOVE LOVE him. There was a point where he hugged me goodbye and I contemplated latching onto his leg like a monkey. Lucky for him I was  ”working” and still pretty sober so I managed to control myself.

I also got to meet Ms. Single Mama ( Who is now Not So Single) a female blogger who has been an inspiration to me and so many other single moms out there. She is truly beautiful inside and out.

She’s also HILARIOUS. We may or may not have had a discussion about the taste of semen. I’ll never tell.

Friday was spent recuperating from drinking with Leila from Don’t Speak Whinese (Are you noticing a pattern here), frolicking around NYC and preparing for yet another private event that Single Edition Media was hosting for Match.com called Mix Up Your Dating Life where dating/relationship bloggers learned all about Match’s new Stir events.

I really just wanted to mention that here because I wanted to share this picture of my amazing legs. I’ll be telling you more about the Match event tomorrow from a blogger’s point of view instead of my work related one, but I will say it was equally as fabulous as our California Dreams event.

It all went downhill from there because once I knew I no longer had to work I let my dignity fly out the window. Or maybe it stayed at home while Leila pulled me out the window while wearing a corn on the cob constume…

 The rest of what happened at BlogHer12 stays at BlogHer12… except this picture…

As a single mom who works hard and loves even harder, I often get burnt out. Mentally, physically, emotionally. It’s not easy raising a child alone and being the sole provider for your family. Sometimes I lose my way and find myself in places I don’t want to be, but for some reason the women I surround myself with at BlogHer shake and shove me in a way that nothing else does.

The women I connect with there remind me of who I am and who I want to be and I come home with renewed inspiration and strength and a reminder that I am never alone.

BlogHer12 was no exception.

Last year I came home from BlogHer11 to find out my ex had been cheating on me… again. I had a rough few weeks recovering from the realization that I was once again starting over, but my depression was nothing like the first time around. I knew what I had to do and this time I knew I didn’t have to do it alone.

The women I’d just spent time with at BlogHer reminded me of that.

In the year since BlogHer11 I’ve grown in tremendous ways. You’ve witnessed it here; but there’s something that’s been holding me back from really being happy…

Thanks to the women of  BlogHer12 I think I’ve finally found the strength to let go of what’s been holding me back.

Words can never express how grateful I am for the mistakes I’ve made. I know that sounds crazy to say, but each of those mistakes has brought me closer to finding my purpose and my happiness. Those times when I stumble and land flat on my face have put me at the feet of some amazing people who lift me up, teach me important lessons and make me a better me.

Goodbye BlogHer12! Thanks for the strength and memories.

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2 pings

  1. dada rocks says:

    love how you ride off to the sunset… till next year!

  2. Jean Parks says:

    Ha! I subscribe to you via email but had to click over here to tell you your pics are a freaking riot! Btw, I love those shoe shaped chairs at the event you helped run, wherever did you find them?

    Thank you Mely for the laugh, I really needed it tonight!

  3. Leila says:

    OMG! Those pics are amazing. You are amazing. I miss the shit out of you… and I think we managed to balance work and fun nicely.

    Next time I am taking you on a much better wingbitch date night – no street meat involved!

    I love you sweetie and you make me so proud!!

  4. Lizz says:

    Oh crap, I totally know who the choke-a-bitch is! I totally do! *Off to text Leila*
    And O.M.G. the video? I die.

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