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How(Not) To Message A Woman On OKCupid If You Want To Get Laid

It’s a brand, spankin’ new episode of “Five Minutes With Mely” in which I share my online dating pain and discuss how(not) to message a woman on OKCupid if you want to get laid. Enjoy!


And That’s Why They’re Single: Volume Four

I'm sure this isn't at all what "Brad" looks like, but it sure made me laugh my ass off thinking so.

Online dating isn’t easy. Hell dating isn’t easy, PERIOD. And itĀ seems the older I get, the harder it is for me to find a quality guy to spend time with. Which is pretty fucking depressing since I’m only thirty-three. That’s why I choose to make light of it here. Over the last few months I’ve …

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And That’s Why They’re Single: Volume Three

And That's Why Theyre Single

Hi my name is ______, excuse my profile but it’s the only photo that does me any justice. It’s nice to see you, you have a striking face. Model like!   Dear Fellas, If a Polaroid of you shirtless sporting a chestfro during Spring Break in 1999 is the only photo you have that “does …

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And That’s Why They’re Single: Volume Two

Screen shot 2012-07-30 at 1.37.15 PM

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. This one and a steady stream of pictures like it is worth about 700+ according to my friend Tara Dublin. Like me, Tara is a single mom who decided to join OkCupid because online dating is what we thirty and forty-somethings do to meet other singles these …

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And That’s Why They’re Single: Volume One


If we sat on the back of the bus together would you prefer to A) hold hands? B) makeout? C) fingerblast? Or D) whatever I feel like? That’s an actual message I received from someone on an online dating site. I’m not sure if I should be ashamed or proud that I had to look …

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