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Why ‘He’s Good To Me’ Isn’t Enough To Keep Me In A Relationship

A woman who...

My friends liked him. My parents liked him. Hell, I even liked him. But none of that deterred me from making a swift exit from our relationship last week. When we starting seeing each other eight weeks prior, I had my reservations about getting serious with him. Sure he was fun to drink with(WOOT), emotionally …

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Trial And Tribulations

BitchFace With Bacon

There’s a war raging behind the scenes of this blog that I’ve touched on briefly in my last few posts. Wednesday I thought it would be over, but instead reality smacked me in the face with the fact that the real war is just beginning. I’m now facing a trial in a Court of law …

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Letting Him Go

Screen shot 2013-08-30 at 11.16.40 AM

“Genuine love is defined by loving action. It is conscious attention, a time investment, a commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of one another, the willingness to take risks even when it’s scary, the risk of opening the heart, even with the knowledge that the heart is likely to get broken, if not right away, …

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And That’s Why I Love Will Arnett

Will Arnett Follows Me On Twitter

About six months ago Will Arnett quit Twitter – without a goodbye. While it may be ridiculous to admit I was really bummed out about it. Why? Because with a little nipple luck, I got Will Arnett to follow me on Twitter. (You’re going to want to click that link and read the story of how and …

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Over The Hump

Over The Hump With Bacon

I went to a family party this weekend, filled with relatives I had not seen in quite awhile. The old me wasn’t the most sociable person. Hard to imagine these days, but it’s true. My lack of self-confidence made me feel awkward around people, especially relatives that I feared would judge me for the absence …

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When Worlds Collide: A Tale About That Time My Mom & I Met Jackie Collins


I often find myself wondering if this is all a dream – the success of this blog, my loving my job, the extraordinary adventures I’ve been on the last few years, and the wonderful life I’ve created for myself, by myself, since becoming a single mother. It seriously is a wonderful life, even with its …

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Finally Free


It was a long road to get here. In the beginning it was paved with fear, depression and doubt. I could not comprehend how a co-dependent woman like me was ever going to make it without a man in her life, let alone design the life of her dreams. Ironically July 1st, the same day …

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When It Comes To My Love Life, Less Is More

Less Is More Bacon

For fifteen years my love life had been my only life. I entered into relationships with men and lost myself in them completely. It’s not that these men I fell in love with asked me to submit to them; it was just what came naturally to me being the people pleaser that I am. For …

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WPIX Morning News Still Loves Single Parents and Bacon

Melysa Schmitt Mom's The Word WPIX

Missed my appearance talking single parents and chatting it up with Sukanya Krishnan earlier today on WPIX Morning News? Not to worry because I’ve got the hook up. Does a woman need a man to be a good mom? Click the link below to hear my thoughts. Mom’s The Word: Single Parents This was my …

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A Party Of One Is Better Than None

Melysa Heart

I got up yesterday planning to catch a bus into New York City for my new job, but fate stepped in with other plans. I would makeout with fate right now if I could for the gift it gave me. It had been a LONG ASS TIME since this single mom had a day without …

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