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You Never Know How Strong You Are…

Mailbox Bacon

How could I have known that pulling a manila envelope out of my mailbox would change me forever? But it did – because it set into motion a series of events that scared the shit out of me, yet also presented me with a huge opportunity to face my fears and grow. My hands began …

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Change Is Bullsh*t. ‘The Rebels’ Isn’t.

Let’s face it – Change is scary. Especially if you’re a kid. From the time they are babies, children like things to be predictable. Regular feedings, regular bedtimes, consistent rituals — all of these things help a child feel safe, secure and loved. So when I had to talk to my 8-year-old son this weekend …

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I’ve wanted to write about this for weeks, but knew I couldn’t until the ink was dry and my son was safe. Today is bittersweet. Today my ex FINALLY signed papers to put our new visitation, holiday and vacation schedule into place. Today marks the end of my six month long custody battle – a …

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Apparently My Inner Guide Thinks I’m A Judgmental Beotch

School Bus With Bacon

I’ve been on a spiritual journey the last few years. While I’ve always believed in something greater than myself, the idea of God and organized religion never really spoke to me. What did finally speak to me was the Law of Attraction when I watched the movie “The Secret” a few years ago. It changed …

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Just Because I’m A Single Mom Doesn’t Mean I’m Less Than

Less Than Three With Bacon

This April will mark my five year anniversary as a single mom, and I’d like to think I’ve come a long way (baby)  since I was first delivered the news that my ex was leaving me for another woman. At the time it was devastating to hear. Honestly I didn’t even know how the hell …

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Back To Life. Back To Reality.

Stress with Bacon

Coping occurs in response to psychological stress, often triggered by dramatic life changes. Basically it’s a survival instinct. People find ways to cope with stressful situations in an effort to maintain their sanity and emotional well-being. I haven’t just been dealing with psychological stress the last few months during this insanely drawn out custody battle …

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This Is It

bacon gavel

I’m sitting here at my desk pretty close to hyperventilating as I type this. Tears are streaming down my face and the raw, honest truth is that in this moment I am fucking terrified – yet I know I have to find my breath and my strength for my son and for my family. So …

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You Can’t Fail A Lesson

Lesson With A Side Of Bacon

I’ve put an insane amount of pressure on myself in the last week without really meaning to. Between Court last Wednesday and all of my current efforts to prepare myself and my lawyer for trial next month I somehow got it in my head that everything I’ve been going through is a test. A ginormous, …

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Trial And Tribulations

BitchFace With Bacon

There’s a war raging behind the scenes of this blog that I’ve touched on briefly in my last few posts. Wednesday I thought it would be over, but instead reality smacked me in the face with the fact that the real war is just beginning. I’m now facing a trial in a Court of law …

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I’m Awesome. And Someday I’ll Believe It Again.

You Are Awesome

I struggle every damn day with an uncontrollable urge to be perfect. I challenge myself to be perfect in every area of my life. I want to be: The perfect Mom. The perfect Daughter. The perfect Lover. The perfect Friend. The perfect Marketing Director. The perfect Me for Me. But twice this week I’ve been reminded …

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