Cookin’ With Mely: How To Make Gobs (Whoopie Pie)

It’s time for a very special edition of ¬†Cookin’ With Mely! Actually it’s the only edition, but I digress.

In this debut episode I show you how to make Gobs. Also known as whoopie pies.

Why am I showing you how to make Gobs? Because it’s not always about the bacon.

And guess what? I had a very special guest to help me out (and make me laugh) in the kitchen… my son Aidan!

Watch the video below to find my delicious Gob recipe and experience the awesome of the Gob.

Enjoy! XOXO

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1 comment

  1. Military Dad says:

    Awesome video! It had me chuckling the whole time.

    One of my favorite things is cooking with the kids. We always make a huge mess that I get stuck cleaning up, but it’s a ton of fun, and they always seem to enjoy dinner a little more. My personal favorite thing to cook with the kids is chicken fried steak. My mouth just started watering thinking about it.

    Thanks for the video.

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