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Somehow we ended up holding hands for longer than I expected while we drank our beers and gazed at one another from across the table.

Half of me wanted to take my hand back, and the other half wanted to close my eyes, enjoy the affection and never let go.

What happened in reality was me dancing back and forth between the two while we finished our drinks.

Hand holding on dates doesn’t happen often in my world – and it’s even rarer for a guy to initiate it – but he did.

As we stroked each other’s fingers I found myself smiling at him. He was completely adorable and nothing like the guys I’d been on dates with in recent months.

Confident and carefree – and why shouldn’t he be when he’s hot and in his 20s?

Up until the point that we held hands I’d been on the fence as to whether or not my going on a date with a 23-year-old was a smart thing to do.

Sure, I was having a great time laughing and joking with him over AMAZEBALLS bar food and booze, but in the back of my mind I kept telling myself this was going to go nowhere.

There’s an almost 11 year age difference between us. He’s still in college, partying, living with his parents and figuring out exactly what it is he wants out of life – which is exactly what a 23-year-old should be doing.

Meanwhile I’m a grown ass woman with a child, bills and responsibilities he probably can’t even comprehend yet.

But as we held hands none of that mattered.

It was just he and I walking hand in hand through Cougar Town – a beautiful escape from the stresses and disappointments of my everyday life.

Of course once the date ended it was back to reality.

My Mom and I spent a good 15 minutes texting jokes back and forth about my trip to Cougar Town last night.

Cougar Town Texts

After we got all of the jokes out of our system I admitted to her that I really did have an awesome time with him.

It’s the first successful online date I’ve ever had – so thanks, OKCupid!

Is it a forever thing? Probably not, though you never know.

What I can say for sure is it’s a fun thing, and maybe that’s just what I need right now…

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  1. Amanda Jillian says:

    Age is just a number and d’awwww

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