How(Not) To Message A Woman On OKCupid If You Want To Get Laid

It’s a brand, spankin’ new episode of “Five Minutes With Mely” in which I share my online dating pain and discuss how(not) to message a woman on OKCupid if you want to get laid.


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  1. Brad says:

    There, they’re, their . . .

    It’s nice to know your hotness inspires such Oscar Wilde like messages Mely. I’d like to announce I’ve never dangled any participles and I’ve re-written sentences that ended with prepositional phrases.

    Huh? Ladies?

    Yet, here I sit, possibly because my propositional phrases don’t include scenarios where we dress up like the Gimp and roll around in bubble wrap. (with or without electrodes)

    I guess you could stipulate that English Lit guys drive you ga-ga. Which I’m not, but your naughty mouth did make me guffaw, titter and snort.

  2. SearchaLove says:

    Haha you are so funny, but all you say is true :)

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