When Mely Met Katie(Couric)

No you’re not having an acid flashback. That really IS a picture of me and Katie Couric.

There are days in your life that you never forget. Days that are so good they make all the bullshit you had to go through to experience them worthwhile.

Last Wednesday was one of those days for me.

Last week I made my first National TV appearance on Katie Couric’s new show “Katie” and it couldn’t have been sweeter!

It was a mere 20 seconds, but it was a fabulous 20 seconds and I am so proud of myself for having the courage to speak on national television on behalf of bloggers across the web.

Why was I there you ask?

Almost every taping of Katie has two bloggers in the audience. Those bloggers get to be honorary members of the Katie Crew for the day (Katie Crew is a really fun name they came up with for all staff members of the show), getting a behind the scenes look at what goes into the making of a daytime talk show.

Armed with their laptops, they tweet and take notes during the taping of the show to give everyone a sneak peek at that day’s episode before it airs.

How cool is that?

While the bloggers don’t normally get to speak on camera, I was lucky enough to take part in a segment toward the end of the show. During the segment I got to talk about the heated discussion online over some ┬ácontroversial stories that made headlines recently regarding women breastfeeding in public.

I even got to get my hair and full makeup done which was completely amazeballs.

Want to know what else was amazeballs? Meeting Katie Couric!

She was completely down to earth and super funny. I’ve always admired her, but the fact that she respects bloggers and gets the value of incorporating bloggers into the show made me adore her even more.

Wednesday’s Katie show also featured actress Sofia Vergara from Modern Family… who is just as gorgeous and hilarious in person as she is on TV. I didn’t get to meet her, but I did get to ogle her bangin’ body from the front row of the audience for a good thirty minutes during the taping so that was a fair trade for me.

She talked Modern family, shaking(and showing) her ass at the Emmy’s, her affordable and sexy new clothing line at Kmart, as well as being a single mom.

You can check out clips from the episode here.

Never in my single mom life did I imagine I’d meet Katie Couric or appear on national television, but it totally happened.

Never stop dreaming, single moms.

And be sure to check out Katie Couric on Katie this week!

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  1. DaDa Rocks says:

    awesome job! Katie’s one cool mama — I really hope the show sticks.

  2. Toni South says:

    Wow, this is so awesome! I would love to meet her!!

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