Match Aims To Help More Single Parents Find Love This Fall

Yesterday marked the first day of Fall. Where the H-E-double-hockey-sticks did Summer go?! For reals.

All joking aside, I find any change of season is a great time to reassess your life and make little or big changes to follow your dreams.

If you’re a single parent that’s ready for love, why not take this time to refresh your dating life?

Have you tried online dating yet? My buddies at Match.com believe that just because you are a single parent, doesn’t mean you have to give up on your search for finding love. In fact, over 1/3 of Match members are single parents looking to connect with others on the site!

Ummm, hello those are kickass odds if you’re a single parent that is looking for a potential partner who has similar beliefs and values as you.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you already know that I’m definitely not a stranger to the online dating game. Chances are you’ve witnessed me poking fun at my (mis)adventures in using OKCupid due to my lack of success there.

But after having the opportunity to chat with Match.com’s Relationship Expert Whitney Casey recently, I realized I’d mostly been doing online dating wrong.

ME WRONG?! Shocking, I know.

You see, one of the most important things I learned from my conversation with Whitney is that online dating should be ONE of the the tools you use to find your next big love, not the ONLY tool. Placing all your eggs in the online dating basket can potentially be disappointing.

Yes, Single Parents who use online dating sites have 2X the number of dates than those who don’t – so you’re definitely increasing your odds of meeting someone awesome by using one – but you have to look at online dating as an opportunity, NOT a guarantee.

I think that’s where I set myself up for failure in the past. Instead of allowing friends and family to set me up with people, and making more of an effort to be open to meeting men when I was out and about places, I kept my desire to date again to myself and my online dating profile – and when I was not immediately presented with the type of guy I was looking for on OKCupid I got discouraged and felt defeated by the whole online dating process.

Now you might be saying, “Mely, I’m a single parent who wants love again, but I just don’t have time for dating!”

First of all, romantic relationships are a time commitment so I don’t suggest starting anything you don’t intend to finish. Really look at your life and evaluate who and what you have room for and are ready for. Are you really ready to commit to finding love?

It’s ok if you’re not.

Sheeet, I know I’m not right now, considering all the things I’m currently juggling and the fact that my heart still belongs to Ben Awesomesauce even though we broke up a few weeks ago.

What can I say, my heart is stubborn.

But if you are a single parent that has an open heart and is ready to commit to dating, read on…

Whitney Casey has a lot of wisdom when it comes to online dating and relationships alike. When I sat down to Skype with her recently she shared some tips with me regarding successful dating for single parents.

“We all know single parents have a lot of juggling and multitasking to do. By signing up for Match, you have the opportunity to zip past the ‘but where do I even meet someone?’ question. With both free searching and matching features on the site, Match allows the time-constrained single parent to make the most out of their time online and ease into the process at their own pace.”

“And once you are ready to dip your toes in that water, it’s time to create your profile! It’s simple to set it up, and won’t take you more than 15 minutes. And if you get stuck, enlist a few of your best friends to help you! You can always edit and revise your profile, so your first rendition doesn’t have to be the end-all-be-all of profiles.”

Now you’re probably wondering, what makes Match different from other dating sites…

First of all, Match.com is the world’s largest dating company, bringing together over 1.9 MM paid subscribers on the site. With those numbers, it’s no wonder Match is responsible for more dates, more relationships, and more marriages than any other site.

“Our site offers a diverse group of people from all over the country that are serious about finding a relationship,” says Whitney.

Match.com also offers unique features that other sites don’t – including daily matches, mobile apps to check the site on the go, as well as their STIR events, which help connect members in the offline world through unique experiences like cooking classes, dance lessons, movie premieres and casual happy hours.

In fact, Match is launching a series of Stir event happy hours JUST for single parents! How cool is that?! Attending one of these sure reduces the anxiety that comes with telling someone you’re interested in that you have a child – though when using Match you really shouldn’t be worried about that.

67% of men on Match.com are interested in dating a single mom! Hey NOW!

To hear even more online dating tips for single parents, watch the video below for a peek into my conversation with Whitney Casey.

Still reluctant to try online dating because you think it means you’re not good enough to find a date in the real world? Hilarious hottie Jenny McCarthy has an account – so even rich & famous single parents are doing it.

If you’re ready and willing to find love this Fall, don’t miss the opportunity to meet someone amazeballs on Match. I know I’ll be signing up and heading to a Stir event when I’m ready to date again. And you should too!


Disclosure: This post is sponsored for Match.com. No request to share any particular point of view was made. All opinions expressed here are strictly my own.

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