Single Mom Outraged Over ‘Kids Need Both Parents’ Bumper Sticker. Until She Wasn’t.

A friend of mine mentioned seeing an offensive “Kids Need Both Parents” bumper sticker today on Facebook:

So, the “kids need both parents” bumper sticker really pisses me off. Especially when the couple proudly sporting this bumper sticker were not only fighting in public, but also had some of the most questionable parenting skills I have ever seen. Not to mention 3 screaming, bratty kids running around the parking lot with no shoes on.

Seems legit. High and mighty assholes. ugh.

As a single mom I was immediately outraged by the idea of anyone being idiotic enough to support such a message.

Sure a child growing up with two parents in the same household is ideal, but shit happens.

Should I have stayed in a relationship with a man who repeatedly cheated on me because “kids need both parents” ?

What kind of example would that have been setting for my son? What kind of man would he become thinking that sort of behavior was acceptable and that it was OK to disrespect a woman in such a way?

I’d never even heard of the bumper sticker before so I decided to Google it to see what it actually looked like.

And here it is…

My Googling skills also revealed that there is a whole site dedicated to it and apparently they give it away for free…

Kids Need Both Parents

That revelation threw me into a further tizzy and so I posted the link to the site to my own Facebook wall asking people to support me in giving the bumper sticker and the people behind the site the  middle finger.

And then one of my much saner friends chimed in with this comment:

wait, am I missing something here? after my first gut reaction sent my blood boiling, i quickly skimmed their mission site, they seem to be promoting Co-parenting and working together post-divorce etc.. for the children….this is a bad thing? am i reading wrong?


Well apparently I’m just an asshole.

While my reaction as a single mom and the reaction of other single moms clearly shows that the marketing team behind this Kids Need Both Parents bumper sticker and site needs to be fired, the right sentiment is there.

But like I said earlier, in an ideal world every child would grow up with parents who love each other and live in the same home, or who at least can be civil enough to put their differences aside and work together to co-parent when they live apart, but life does not always work that way.

The best any parent can do is their very best, whether their kid has both parents or not.

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  1. bachelormum says:

    That is very funny – i felt the immediate blood-boiling reaction you had – and had to laugh when you realised you got it wrong – sometimes it’s hard to see the whole story when we’re busy mums on missions. (I do it, too).

    I actually love the idea of their mission. I totally get that if kids can have both parents – the oestreogen and the progesterone so to speak – barracking for them – they get a better-balanced view on life. But as you said, shit happens … and especially for this mob, whose marketing campaign is basically backfiring.

    Go girl!!!

  2. Fake Drudge says:

    You should get a “shit happens” bumper sticker of your own vehicle.

    The message that set your blood boiling is that you learned from your mistake. Instead of preaching that “shit happens” maybe you could accept that others — particularly young people facing brand new choices — might learn from your mistakes as well.

    Shit happens, but it doesn’t have to. People are just stupid and make bad decisions.

  3. Mely says:

    That is part of the reason I write so honestly here –so that anyone, young or old, can perhaps learn from my mistakes as a woman and single mother.

    My whole “shit happens” rant was just me being sarcastic in a way.

    But you’re certainly right about what made me so angry.. that bumper sticker reminded me of the mistakes I made that have left my son the product of a broken home. Luckily I learn from them everyday and am better for it. And so is he :)

  4. April says:

    Call me insane, but it still pisses me off because the truth is, we tried and it’s not OUR fault that our kids don’t have two parents. I mean, yeah, I know the message isn’t meant for us, but I’m not sure how this does anything to improve the situation. And I think that might be incredibly hurtful to some of the children who see this bumper sticker.

  5. Mely says:

    I still agree the messaging on the bumper sticker sucks ass and needs to be worded differently and that you’re right about a child feeling hurt when they read something like that coming from a broken home.

    I could blame my cheating ex entirely for the fact that my son doesn’t have two parents, but the truth is I made a bad decision when I fell for him. I saw the signs from the beginning and like many women I thought if I loved him enough I could “change” him and that he would treat me the way I deserved.

    So yea, I do take some of the blame for the way my child’s life is now.

    Good thing is that becoming a single mom brought me independence and self worth so that I the next man I let into mine and my son’s life will be a deserving one.

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