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Get Your Shit Together…

Bathroom stall with bacon

“Why won’t you just give him what he wants?” the mediator asked, condescendingly. Was this REALLY happening to me? It took channeling every ounce of courage I’d ever had to get myself to the Courthouse that morning. The anxiety I’d felt over having to face my ex without my shield of a lawyer nearly paralyzed …

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Just Because I’m A Single Mom Doesn’t Mean I’m Less Than

Less Than Three With Bacon

This April will mark my five year anniversary as a single mom, and I’d like to think I’ve come a long way (baby) ┬ásince I was first delivered the news that my ex was leaving me for another woman. At the time it was devastating to hear. Honestly I didn’t even know how the hell …

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You Can’t Fail A Lesson

Lesson With A Side Of Bacon

I’ve put an insane amount of pressure on myself in the last week without really meaning to. Between Court last Wednesday and all of my current efforts to prepare myself and my lawyer for trial next month I somehow got it in my head that everything I’ve been going through is a test. A ginormous, …

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And Then I Didn’t Want To Bitch Slap The Other Woman Anymore


I had a milestone single mom moment yesterday when I unexpectedly found myself face to face with the other woman. It was approximately 11am when I answered my front door to find her dropping our son off instead of my ex. And for the very first time I found myself smiling a genuine smile at …

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Shooting Stars and Puzzle Pieces

Shooting Star and Bacon

I stood for a moment and stared up at the twinkling sky this week, mesmerized by it all – not just the beauty of the stars, but how incredibly beautiful my life has become over the last six months. It feels like dozens of puzzle pieces have come together recently to give me exactly what …

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Lessons In Online Dating: ‘Spin Your Web’ & Don’t Be A Lazy Ass

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 10.56.46 AM

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m the world’s worst dater. Especially when it comes to online dating. Still, I refuse to give up. And it’s not because I’m a glutton for punishment; it’s because I know everything else I’m actually good at in life took practice, patience and hard work. Though …

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Making The First Move

Making The First Move Lady Balls

I’ve joked a lot about my online dating woes here, but I know deep down that online dating can work. After all, one of my blogger idols Ms. Single Mama met her amazing husband on OKCupid after several failed attempts at dating the old fashioned way. And one of my closest friends in real life …

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When Worlds Collide: A Tale About That Time My Mom & I Met Jackie Collins


I often find myself wondering if this is all a dream – the success of this blog, my loving my job, the extraordinary adventures I’ve been on the last few years, and the wonderful life I’ve created for myself, by myself, since becoming a single mother. It seriously is a wonderful life, even with its …

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How To Lose A Guy In 10 Minus Four Dates

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Dates

Honesty is so important when dating, yet many of us are hesitant to be honest when we need to most. We fear causing people emotional pain so we avoid saying what needs to be said, but most of the time that ends in apologies and hurting them anyway – maybe even more so than if …

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Another Year Of Possibilities. Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday Bacon

Today is my 34th birthday and I couldn’t be happier about getting another year older. With 100% honesty I can say that my 30s have been the best years of my life. Though they started off rocky while I found my footing as a single mom and single woman, they’ve turned into an amazing adventure …

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