The Kiss Our Sass Party Powered By Match.com: A Dream Come True


Four months ago I had a dream about throwing a party during BlogHer 2011 for my fellow single bloggers. The idea for this party never stemmed from a desire for fame, to promote myself, or to even make money. Simply put, I wanted to do something nice. Because the truth is, underneath all the sass and snark I have a heart of gold.

Shhhhhh. Don’t ruin my street cred.

One week ago today on the rooftop of The Hard Rock San Diego, my dream of throwing The Kiss Our Sass Party with Jamie from Single Mom Survives came true.

Really, I owe it all to the amazing people from Match.com. Seriously, there are not enough nice words to express how amazing they were to work with. They took a chance on Jamie and I and supported us through the whole 3M ordeal. We’ll never forget that.

I’ve never worked with brands directly before. Mostly because I’m not THAT type of blogger. After all, the main focus of my site is to tell my story, not to review products, write about brands, or discuss how amazingly lucky I am to be a mother. (Even though I totally am)

I’m not squeaky clean, picture perfect, or an ass kisser. I use four letter words more often than not. I get drunk and stupid and post pictures and videos of it on the internet. I talk about sex and sometimes even have it. Although I’ve developed quite a following, I’m the blogger brands usually don’t give a second glance, or run screaming from. I think prior to this experience I thought there wasn’t a brand out there that would want to touch me with a ten-foot pole before I’d been thoroughly exorcized and/or had my mouth washed out with soap.

Then came Match.com.

I literally sent out hundreds of pitches seeking sponsorship for The Kiss Our Sass Party, because as a single mom I obviously couldn’t afford it on my own unless I was inviting 100 people to my hotel room for shots of Jager. Actually I probably couldn’t even afford Jager. Maybe some Budweiser.


For weeks I sent out pitches and received no response. In all honesty I was about to give up and then came the email from Match.com requesting a conference call and my heart sang. I had one shot to convince them that despite Jamie and my love for curse words and booze, we were a valuable duo and that they should take a chance on us.

And convince them I did.

Once I had enough money to throw the party (or thought i did) I sent out even more pitches in the hopes of getting some coveting items in our gift bags or at the very least to raffle off at our party. While a fancy gift bag wasn’t a necessity for what we were trying to accomplish with our event, I knew from previous BlogHer experience that swag bags definitely didn’t hurt and I wanted the women who attended our party to experience everything the other well-known bloggers attending private parties did.

Let me preface by saying that when I glanced at my list of what items we had for giveaways and swag before leaving for San Diego last Wednesday, I got a little nervous. I began to question whether or not we even had enough. Then I walked into our hotel room, saw the boxes, began assembling, and realized I was in swag hell.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some swag, but 7 hours of assembling swag bags on two hours of sleep was a bit much. Next year I’ll bust my ass to get you bitches a few expensively kickass items. Or will hopefully be rich enough to hire some Oompa Loompas to assemble the bags. The following pictures will help you understand why I even skipped the Expo Hall at BlogHer.

The cupcake boxes alone took me nearly two hours to assemble. All 100 of them.

I think this picture proves I got us swag, and then some. Our bags runneth over.

How did Jamie and I keep our energy up while stuffing the gift bags? Why, by eating the extra Crumbs cupcakes that were damaged or just too good to give up, of course!

God Bless you, Crumbs Bake Shop! XOXO

Of course in the end, once they were placed in the cabana they looked AMAZING and Jamie and I high-fived over our accomplishment! OK, that’s not completely true. I think Jamie ended up high-fiving herself because I had passed out on the floor by that point and started sobbing because I missed going to my friend Corine’s Sweet Suite event with The Big Toy Book and KidzVuz since I was stuck stuffing these god damn swag bags.

*Still Sobbing*

Fast forward past me sobbing, taking a cab to the Marriott, unpacking my shit, frantically getting ready in under 60 minutes for my 5:30pm dinner date with Match.com, eating dinner at Cafe 21, having one too many glasses of Sangria, being lucky enough to meet Leah and Rachel from SingleMommyhood (who are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by the way), taking a cab to the Hard Rock, hitting the Fourth Floor button on the elevator, stepping outside, attempting to compose myself,  and the party was underway.

Holy Shit This Is Really Happening.


And then it was over.

Yes, it happened that fast. In all honesty everything is really a blur.In between greeting guests I was running around looking for microphones, taking shots in order to ease my nerves over talking on said microphone, and raffling off amazing items with Jamie.

Two hours was not nearly enough time to meet everyone. I tried, really I did. If I missed saying hello to you please reach out to me on Twitter or leave a comment here. I’d love to hear from you.

What have people been saying about The Kiss Our Sass Party Powered By Match.com that actually remember it? Well, I’m glad you asked…


“I’m going to have to give the Kiss Our Sass party my award for most fun because they did it right. So many of the parties have gone so very corporate and lost what we all loved about them in the first place (IMO) but the Kiss Our Sass girls had fun and put together a party FOR people, not for the status or the ability to have a really overpriced cake and bragging rights.” – @JustOneMiss from JustOneMiss.com

You can read her full post here: http://www.justonemiss.com/2011/08/08/the-one-about-blogher11/


“… my last stop of the evening was at the Hard Rock Hotel where the lovely ladies behind Kiss Our Sass apparel hosted a party for singles. Sponsored by @Match, this had to be the best party I had been to in a long time. I dipped my feet in the jacuzzi and got to mingle with the single lady & guy friends that I have grown to love over the years I spent as a single mom, many of whom I finally got to meet face-to-face for the first time. Those ladies sure know how to throw a party! The photo booth was a hit as were the goodies found in the swag bag from their amazing sponsors.” – @Hip_M0m from HappyHealthyHip.com

You can read her full post here: http://happyhealthyhip.com/blog/2011/08/10/blogher-2011-unofficial-parties/



“The party was lovely, and to top it off we were treated to free drinks, plenty of swag, lots of great conversation and a chance to meet some great new people as well as catch up with oldfriends.”-@LindsayDianne from RunningScared.ca

You can read her full post here: http://runningscared.ca/UrbanMomtographer/kissoursass-and-then-some/


So there you have it, our three months of hard work paid off. The smiles on the faces of our attendees made it all worthwhile. To be able to give them a night they’d never forget was all I ever wanted from this.

I can’t thank our sponsors enough for making the Kiss Our Sass Party possible, giving us amazing prizes for our raffle, filling our gift bags with goodies and making my dream come true!


Can’t wait to do it all again at BlogHer 2012 in NYC!

Yea, I said it. Stay Tuned. #KissOurSass

Thanks to Leila from DontSpeakWhinese.com, Christeen from NotYourAverageSingleMama.com and Lindsay from RunningScared.ca for their photos from the event.


Our party never would’ve happened without the help of our friends Cayla and Colin from Match.com! Thank them for the memories and the booze!

Want to work with a brand that really cares about developing lasting relationships? Contact them!

http://match.com @Match

Special thanks to The Hard Rock San Diego and their events manager Jenelle for the amazing venue and helpful staff!

http://www.hardrockhotelsd.com/ @HardRockSD

Thanks to the fantabulous Whitney Casey for playing Emcee


$50 Gift Cards For Raffle and Amazingly Delicious Miniature Cupcakes Provided By:

Crumbs Bake Shop http://crumbsbakeshop.com @CrumbsBakeShop

Poolside Make and Takes, Gift Basket For Raffle & Gift Packs Provided By:

Glue Dots http://gluedots.com @GlueDots

Poolside Product Demonstrations and Invisibelts for Raffle Provided By:

Booty Wraps & Invisibelts @BootyWraps

http://bootywrap.com http://invisibelt.com

$150 Visa Gift Card, Books and One on One Session For Raffle Provided By:

Leah and Rachel from SingleMommyhood http://singlemommyhood.com @SingleMommyhood @SingleMomSeekin

Deliciously Crunchy Swag Provided By:

PopChips http://popchips.com @PopChips

Luxury Skin Care Basket For Raffle Provided By:

Lux Naturals http://luxnaturals.com @Luxnaturals

Organic Cookies Provided By:

Mary’s Gone Crackers http://marysgonecrackers.com

Heart Healthy Snack Bars Provided By:

Corazonas http://corazonas.com @Corazonas

Nom Nom licious Bars Provided By:

Earnest Eats http://earnesteats.com

$2.50 in Free Calls Provided By:

Pingo http://pingo.com @telephonecard

Freestyle G Gift Basket for Raffle Provided By:

OhMiBod http://ohmibod.com @OhMiBod

Hangover Prevention Provided By:

Mercy http://drinkmercy.com @DrinkMercy

Printed Materials, Fabulously Single Buttons, and Pens Provided By:

Tholian Web Publishing http://tholianwebpublishing.com/ @ReginaldEpsilon

City Slips Shoes Provided For Raffle By:

City Slips http://cityslips.com @CitySlips

One Month Weight Loss Starter Kits Provided By:

Sensa Weight Loss http://trysensa.com @SensaWeightLoss

Urban Ears Headphones and Movie Pegs for Raffle Provided By:

Little Black Robot Gadget Boutique http://littleblackrobot.com @LilBlackRobot

Swagalicious Purses Provided By:

Star 50 Handbags http://star50bags.com

Flower Pens Provided By:

PenFleurs http://simplyaliveworld.com/store/home.php @SimplyAlive

$50 Starbucks Gift Card & $50 AMC Movies Gift Card for Raffle Provided By:

Dadand.com http://dadand.com@Dadandblog

Merry Pad http://merrypad.com@MerryPad

Copies of Perfect on Paper Provided By:

Maria Murnane http://mariamurnane.com@MariaMurnane

Photo Booth Fun Provided By:

Lovely Photo Booths http://lovelyphotobooths.com

Speaking of which, you can view all of the Photo Booth event photos here

Additional Sponsorship Provided By:

Indie Vinos http://indievinos.com @IndieVinos

Happy Healthy Hip http://happyhealthyhip.com @HappyHealthyHip

Single Edition Media http://singleedition.com @SingleEdition


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3 pings

  1. Ally says:

    I’m so happy that this was a success! You and Jamie definitely deserved a night of fun after all of your hard work. Wish I could’ve been there but hopefully was in spirit ;) Keep up the amazingness and sass! xo

  2. T says:

    Soooo jealous!! Another party next year?

  3. Leila (Don't Speak Whinese) says:

    I’m so appreciative for all the work you put into this and the amazing friends that were formed from this. You truly connected the single parents in the blogging community and the support, friendships and laughs are worth more than any session I sat in on.

    Oh and the Match people were freaking awesome. We should all sign up and critique each others profiles! LOL

    Thanks Mely!!!!!!!

  4. Pete from dadand.com says:

    Sounds like it was a blast. Awesome job. Now you can hire yourself out as a party planner.

  5. CanCan says:

    Everything was so thoughtful and amazing. I read that book on the plane, and consumed all of the food stuff in like a 45 minute span on Sunday morning in the hotel. Hey. I was starving. You guys are beautiful people inside and out.
    And side note, I assembled swag bags in blogher 09, and yes it was hell. I had like 300 bags of chips in my room. Holy crap.

  6. Mutant Supermodel says:

    Congratulations woman!! You are amazing. I’d love to go to BlogHer. Hopefully it’ll come together for me next year :)

  7. Cori Kesler says:

    I really appreciate how much work was put into this party. You guys did an AMAZING job and made me – as a single mom – feel special. I got to meet a bunch of people I admire (including you two), and I won the $50 crumbs card!! Thank you very much for hosting! Next year I’ll help you do some assembly work.

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