The Kiss Our Sass Party Powered By Match.com BlogHer 2011

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, potty-mouthed, bacon-loving blogger named Mely (That’s me), who fatefully met a snarky, fabulous, fellow single mom and blogger named Jamie(@SnglMomSurvives).

In each other they found a wingbitch for life. (No, not like that. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

They both scrimped and saved for the past year, giving up their manicures, dye jobs and waxing appointments (but not their booze, never their booze, because let’s get real, no single mom can survive without that) in order to afford a trip to BlogHer 2011, hoping to finally meet each other and likeminded bloggers.

Along their frugal journey, they heard about all of the swanky private parties being thrown by the queens of the blogosphere, but sadly their invites never arrived.

*insert ugly-cry here*

So Mely and Jamie did what any resourceful single mom would do; they dried their tears, finished their discount beer, slipped on their glass hooker heels and announced to the world…

“KISS OUR SASS because WE’RE throwing our OWN PARTY!”

For the last few months, Jamie and Mely relentlessly whored themselves out for sponsors in order to treat their fellow single moms to the party of a lifetime.

We’re talkin’ free drinks, a spectacular view, CUPCAKES, and giveaways galore!

Single moms… This toast is to you.

Join me, Jamie, and our friends from the #1 Online Dating Site of 2011Match.com®, as we celebrate singledom under the stars.

The Kiss Our Sass Party powered by Match.com®.

Thursday, August 4th 2011. 9pm-11pm. Rooftop Pool of the Hard Rock San Diego.

Note: Jamie and I know how to work a pole, but not a defibrillator. So please, no swimming.

Besides the amazing venue, we’ve got a few surprises that are going to WOW your panties off. If you’re wearing any. We don’t judge.

Are you a rockstar single mom (or Dad) or a fabulously single woman (or dude) who’d like to score an invite? Contact us through our eventbrite page. *Bloggers only, please*

Are you a company who is interested in showcasing your brand to a 100+ unique and influential single bloggers at our event? We have a limited number of sponsorship opportunities left. Contact us here.

And while you’re doing all that contacting, hop on Twitter, follow AND send a big virtual hug, or hump, to @Match for helping us throw the #KissOurSass party. We might never have pulled it off without them!

And check out all of our other AMAZING Kiss Our Sass party sponsors on my sidebar.

Can’t wait to see you in San Diego!



P.S. – Want to help us spread the word about The Kiss Our Sass Party?

Grab our badge and let us make sweet sweet love to your sidebar:

Copy and Paste this code to your site:

<a href=’http://thekissoursassparty.eventbrite.com’><img src=’http://sexliesandbacon.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/TheKissOurSassPartyBadge1.jpg’></a>

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with, nor an official party of BlogHer 2011. We are a private party for fellow Blogher attendees funded by corporate sponsorship.


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  1. Divina says:

    You all are some Hot Mamas! I love your spirit! Can’t wait to see pictures and later posts! I am headed to San Diego too for some blogher fun maybe we will see each other.

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