The Woman I’ve Become

I stepped my high-heeled feet off the bus at Port Authority that morning with butterflies in my stomach; sure of where I needed to go and what time I needed to arrive, but uncertain of where life was going to take me afterwards.

I held my purse tightly in one hand and a set of directions in the other as I followed the signs to the subway.

A directionally challenged woman like me could get lost in her own backyard, so taking two subway lines and walking six blocks in New York City to reach my destination might end disastrously if I didn’t pay close attention to what I was doing.

I hesitantly approached the entrance to the subway. Stepping through its gates always filled me with mixed emotions. One part of me looked forward to the adventure of the underground tunnels and the declaration of my independence as I navigated them alone. The other part of me that had been trained by the anxiety-ridden females in my family to fear the unknown did just that.

“Just breathe. You’ve got this.” I said quietly to myself.


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  1. Katie says:

    I consider myself so freakin’ lucky to have seen you go through all of this change.

    You’re hot.

    That is all.

    Oh, wait, that is not all.

    I’m proud of the woman you were, AND the woman you are. YOU=AMAZING.

  2. Claire says:

    I don’t know you personally, and I’ve been reading your blog for maybe 8 months, but I AM SO PROUD OF YOU. Good for you for making your life all you want it to be and being truly who you are, no apologies or excuses needed. You’re an amazing woman.

    This post made me smile for you, and for myself, because I see that I am heading down your path and look forward to where I will be in a couple years.

  3. Stacy Dean says:

    Smiling as big as I possibly can smile.

  4. Diana says:

    Wow, how exciting! It would be so fun to watch you on T.V. I’ll be watching for sure. And you are beautiful =)

  5. kate says:

    I loved reading this Mel. LOVED. So f*cking proud of you. <3

  6. Sheba Parveez says:

    LOVE THIS! You are such an inspirational writer, and now that I’ve met you in person a few times, I can honestly say you are an awesome woman as well. I wish you only these tears of joy and lots and lots and lots of bacon. :~) So happy you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished and who you are, because women like me have been able to laugh through the hell because of you and what you do!

  1. Working Girl » Sex, Lies & Bacon says:

    [...] I help my head high when I went for my casting interview with the producers of  the reality show “3″. [...]

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