When Worlds Collide: A Tale About That Time My Mom & I Met Jackie Collins

I often find myself wondering if this is all a dream – the success of this blog, my loving my job, the extraordinary adventures I’ve been on the last few years, and the wonderful life I’ve created for myself, by myself, since becoming a single mother.

It seriously is a wonderful life, even with its ups and downs.

I’ve mentioned it before, but in case you forgot I was raised by a single mom.

When I was young I didn’t realize how lucky I was to grow up watching my mother go it alone. It should’ve inspired me – but the truth is I thought of my Mom as anything but a role model back then.

My little mind couldn’t comprehend why she was unable to make things work with my father. I didn’t see what went on behind closed doors or how much she bent over backwards to shield me from the things a child should never have to see. I didn’t know how hard she worked to keep a roof over our heads and food in our mouths.

And because I knew none of this I vowed that I’d do the exact opposite of what I thought my Mom was doing. I’d find a man, I’d be whoever he wanted, he’d fall in love with me and I’d never go it alone. Because back then I thought being a single woman meant you were flawed.

Now I know better.

Now I know it was the fantasies that I had in my head that were flawed.

Now I know the strength it took for my mother to raise me alone.

I know because nearly four years ago her past life became my life – only I chose to do some things differently.

And it is my Mom who has stood by me since I became a single mom – wiping my tears, calming my fears, supporting me through my mistakes along the way, and encouraging me to embrace my life flying solo.

My Mom deserves the world for putting up with me and my shenanigans. This week I finally got to give a little something back to her when I let her into a part of my world she had yet to see.

Somehow through blogging I haphazardly earned the title of “Press” which sends invites my way to parties and private events. And since I am close to NYC a lot of these events involve celebrities. I feel blessed to have these opportunities come my way.

My Mom only knows the me I’ve chosen to show her over the last few years. She knows little of what I do online in terms of what having this blog really means professionally.

She doesn’t know much about my job either or what it entails. ┬áSure I tell her stories about things happening at work or places I have been because of my writing, but I’ve always been a little afraid of her world colliding with mine – more so when I originally started blogging and didn’t have my shit together.

There were secrets I wanted to keep from my family – because I didn’t think they’d understand that side of me.

Hell, I STILL won’t friend my parents or family on Facebook.


My Mom had never been in close proximity to a celebrity – especially one she admired.

So when I received an invite to a party for the launch of Jackie Collins new book “The Power Trip” my Mom immediately popped into my mind. I’d seen her read Jackie Collins books before – I knew she was a fan – and I thought to myself how awesome it would be if I could bring her along with me to see Jackie in the flesh.

I may have had to do a little begging to convince the powers that be that I was worth a +1, but I made it happen. Truthfully I would’ve snuck my Mom in in my coat if I had to – I was just that hellbent on doing something amazing for her.

We hopped a bus to NYC Monday evening and I let her into my world at The Power Trip party. I introduced her to people I work with and even some friends I’ve made through blogging who were there. Best of all we got to sit a few feet away from Jackie and chat with her about her life, her career and her books.

My Mom described the experience with a huge smile saying, “It was like sitting with Jackie in her living room!!”

Jackie really is an incredibly inspiring woman – especially to those of us that bleed words. During Monday night’s conversation, I learned how she came to be a published author. Her answer might surprise you!

Watch the video below to find out what or whom inspired her:


As one of my friends put it “Jackie Collins is like the Pope to you people..” and it’s funny, but it’s true.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t hand in her resignation anytime soon!

While meeting Jackie was definitely a highlight of my evening, something else happened Monday night.

My Mom finally got to see the other side of the woman I’ve become – a side to be incredibly proud of.

She finally saw the side of me that has dared to dream of a life less ordinary and make it a reality. The side of me that is professional, accomplished and career driven.

She even had the chance to speak to a woman who, through a twist of fate, found my blog online over a year ago, read it from beginning to end, and in doing so was inspired to dream her own dream of a life less ordinary after becoming a single mom due to her own ex’s infidelity.

I teared up as she told my Mom the story. It was humbling. The idea that my ramblings, trips, falls and triumphs here inspire other women still baffles me. It was never my intention – it just sort of happened along the way when I started doing the things I love.

I bet Hollywood icon Jackie Collins has moments when she feels the same way too.


For more information on Jackie Collins and her latest book The Power Trip visit http://jackiecollins.com.

Special thanks to Get Red PR for allowing me to share such a fabulous experience with my Mom! XOXO


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